The services offered are summarised as follows:


1   Issuance of energy performance certificates for buildings.

2   Energy Saving Studies and design of renewable energy sources (solar, geothermal energy fireplaces)

3   Sewerage systems and biological stations

4   Rainwater collection and drainage systems

5   Air conditioning (heating/cooling/ventilation/humidification/dehumidification)

6   Special Air Conditioning [closed control]

7   General and local ventilation (including heat recovery systems)

8   Supply of cold, hot and potable water

9   Water treatment/disinfection (and Legionella bacteria suppression measures)

10 Desalination and irrigation Systems

11 Medical gases

12 Water Fire extinguishing systems

13 Automatic firefighting systems (kitchens, computer spaces, etc.)

14 Storage and supply of LPG

15 Refrigeration cold rooms

16 Swimming pools-issue of Certificate of suitability

17 Lifts

18 Electrical and automation of mechanical installations

19 Building management systems (bms)

20 Building energy upgrades